Fairest karaoke service for professional use

Offer your customers the widest selection of karaokes on the market, including:
more than 50% more domestic pieces. You can even get access to karaoke without monthly fees.

Maestro Pro Karaoke Computer

Professional features

Running karaoke has never been so easy.

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The largest karaoke cataloque
Finns sing Finnish songs. Feelment contains more than 50% more domestic songs than other karaoke systems.
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Automatic rotation between karaoke and music
Karaoke and background music rotate automatically, so there will be no quiet moments.
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With or without an internet connection
Feelment Karaoke works perfectly even when there is no internet connection or it is poor.
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Clear and simple user interface
With customer feedback received over the years, the user interface has been refined to suit the specific professional use.
Theme karaoke icon
Easily organize a themed karaoke party or brand your restaurant by limiting the karaoke selection.
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The right background music
In addition to karaoke, order a real music service designed for restaurants that works seamlessly with karaoke.
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Automatic karaoke
Automate karaoke and focus on your own work. Karaoke songs start automatically with the set delay.
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Karaoke Kiosk
The easy karaoke kiosk, managed by customers themselves, is perfect for booths and cabinets.
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Easy queue management
The karaoke queue that is constantly visible to you is easy to control.
Change the place of the singers or other information afterwards. You'll also see a song history that makes it easier to distribute singing turns equally.
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Forget maintaining paper lists and receiving customers' wishes with paper notes. Through the karaokelistat.fi-service, your customers can order songs directly on their own phone. Customers do not need to register to use the service.

In addition, the redesigned service allows your customers to see upcoming singers and to encourage each other by sending thumbs-ups and hearts to the karaoke screen.

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We always recommend starting with a song-to-song obligation,
then you will be able to follow the song volumes of the month.

Vocal charge

A song-by-song charge is the most affordable option if karaoke is sung no more than 5 days a week.

No monthly expenses

No start, base, or base fees

No fixed-term contract

60,000+ karaoke songs

Automatic alternation with background music

Theme Caraoke

Easy queue management


/ vocals

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Fixed monthly price

The fixed monthly price always remains the same regardless of the number of songs.

No song time limit

No start, base, or base fees

No fixed-term contract

60,000+ karaoke songs

Automatic alternation with background music

Theme Caraoke

Easy queue management


/ month

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Why would I choose Feelment?

Simple. By choosing Feelment, you offer your customers the largest karaoke library in Finland. In addition to the entire Melplay production, you will also get access to new, top-quality Suomi Laulaa karaoke backgrounds. Feelment contains more than 50% more domestic songs than other providers.

Do I have any starting costs?

No, it's not! We do not charge you starting, basic or base fees. We don't sign fixed-term contracts or add hidden costs to bills, you pay for what you need. Cancel the order at any time.

Which karaoke package is best for me?

As a rule of thumb, if your customers sing karaoke five (5) days a week, then the UNLIMITED package will be cheaper for you. If you don't know how much karaoke to sing, then we recommend starting with the SONG SHOW package, allowing you to see the actual consumption from the counter inside Feelment.

The SONG-TO-SONG package can be changed to UNLIMITED at any time 😊

What does it mean for a fairer selection of karaokes?

In 2019, 2.5 million copies were sung through Maestro Pro and based on this statistic we have found that 78% of all copies are domestic. That's why we're investing heavily in a Finnish karaoke range that's well above the competition (51%, to be exactly 100).

The number of pieces we have reported is calculated WITHOUT major overlays, as we do not think it is fair to blur and exaggerate.

Can I ask for new karaoke songs?

Yes, of course! You can send song requests here.

Is there something else in your mind? Send us a message and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.
Karaoke menus on paper
Looking for karaoke lists?

Order electronic PDF lists from us free of charge, and you can print them yourself if you wish.

As an additional service, we can deliver you printed lists ready in folders for 45€/folder (+VAT), shipping charge 20€ (+VAT). Send us a message!

Print karaoke listsOrder paper lists from us

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