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Is your goal for more satisfied customers who stay longer and spend more? The ones who tell you and come back again? Let's build unique customer experiences that look like your restaurant together and create an experiential restaurant culture for all senses.

Stand out from the crowd - bet on entertainment.

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Why invest in entertainment?

Not many of us go out to eat through a long formula because our stomachs are gnawing. You can also get a drink at a much lower price from the local market. Your restaurant's biggest competitor is your own home gold expensive.

With restaurant entertainment, you create unforgettable experiences and increase restaurant sales.

Customer acquisition

The difference between your restaurant and the customer's home is the experiences you get there.

With entertainment, you create an attraction in your restaurant that causes the customer to leave their home.

More sales

"It's already a...." words are a sign that time has run like wings. On the side, you sold one or two pints more.

With entertainment, your customer stays longer, which is reflected in the sales.

Returning customers

The more significant the imprint you leave, the more likely your customers are to return again. With friends.

Background music - the cornerstone of comfort

Background music is the single most important element that brings comfort. Without music, your restaurant is a canteen, and on the dance floor you don't get to the tune of Yle news.

What do you need and where do you get them?

Music license

Play by the rules and get the permissions you need to play music here: Musiikkiluvat.fi

Background music service licensed for commercial use

Choose finland's most used and acclaimed background music service here: Feelment®

Sound reproducing apparatus

Save time and effort, get audio equipment from design to installation and maintenance conveniently here:

Get more vibe with DJ services

You want to raise the mood to the ceiling? Then you should order a DJ and you can find them here:

Humane dancing in a restaurant

Everybody loves karaoke.

Everyone loves karaoke, secretly or openly. Karaoke is one of the cornerstones of restaurant entertainment and its popularity is growing year by year. Now is the time to invest in the joy of singing.

What do you need and where do you get them?


Offer your customers the widest range of karaokes on the market and an interactive singing experience here:

Where's the karaoke booth or cabinet?

With karaoke cabinets and booths, you offer your customers the opportunity to sing without changing the cherished atmosphere of the restaurant. With Feelment, you can turn your empty spaces into money-making machines by pressing a button.

Request a demo

Karaoke host

If running karaoke with your own staff is not your thing or you want a professional to host your evening, you can order a karaoke host here:

Pass on your customers' karaoke wishes to the producer

Wasn't the customer's bravur in the range? You can forward your customer's karaoke request directly to the producer here:

Woman sings karaoke on stage

Entertainment games are coming back

People demand entertainment back to restaurants. As competition intensifies, separation becomes the lifeblood of the restaurant. Provide your customers with a variety of entertainment and grow a head start on your competitors.

What do you need and where do you get them?

Entertainment games

Did you know that you can get entertainment games installed and maintained in your restaurant at no expense while making money?

You can access the world of entertainment games here:


Can you get a pool table without investment? Succeeds.

Billiards tables can be found here:

Billiards League

The Billiards League also brings customers to the restaurant on quieter weekday evenings. Check out the Pool League here: PELIKA

A man plays an entertainment game in a restaurant.

Finns are bench sports people!

The quietest and loudest moment in the restaurant is the final of the Ice Hockey World Championships, where Finland leads 1-2 in the final minute.

Sports channels are an insidiously effective way to increase restaurant sales. Whatever sport you look like, you'll notice that your client has picked up one more pint or another pint.

What do you need and where do you get them?

Sports channels

You can get sports channels running in your restaurant at the touch of a button here:


Do you want to offer your customers the greatest sporting experience of all time? Don't scratch your head when it comes to technology, order everything you need here:

Sports channels to restaurant photo

By advertising, that sales are growing.

You can't buy someone you don't know about. That's why you should tune your restaurant's TV screens into advertising mode and inform your customer about the best deals and events.

What do you need and where do you get them?

What do I advertise with?

With the new, free Feelment® Digital Signage ad management service, you can get your current displays full of ads by pressing a button.

Read more about the service here:

Where's the equipment from?

To use Feelment® Digital Signage, you need a Windows 10/11 device and an image cable. You can get the necessary equipment as a service directly from us:


Feelment ad screens

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